Safety Resources

MAE Safety Officer: Greg Specht, EBU2 Room 337, (858) 534-5449,

MAE Safety Coordinator: Ian Richardson, EBU2 Room B36, (858) 534-8343,

In conjunction with the Department of Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S), the MAE department is putting together this document, providing information necessary in case of an emergency. This document will be available online, here, as well as in printed packets, available from EH&S. This document will be continuously updated and kept current.

Designated Safe Area

  • In the event of an emergency, exit the building.
  • Do Not Use the Elevators.
  • Proceed to the grassy area of the Warren Mall.

Our goal is to have all the information here, available to everyone. Then each person can print out the information that fits their location and role in the event of an emergency.

These documents will include:

Regional Supply Containers

Every Emergency Response Region on campus has an on-site Supply Container, with the following contents:

  • Medical supplies -- two 50 person kits
  • Limited food bars
  • 20 gallons of water
  • Hazardous material spill response supplies
  • Search & rescue equipment
  • Utility maps and building plans
  • Communication equipment
  • Batteries, lights, cameras, film
  • Status boards

The area next to container is designated as a prime assembly area post evacuation.


EH&S offers publications on both Earthquake Preparedness and Fire Safety, which provide comprehensive training information. EH&S also has copies of a video tape discussing techniques for evacuating folks with various disabilities.


  • Develop efficient method of full floor evacuation
  • Maintain accountability system - list of personnel names and primary contacts for labs
  • Knowledgeable of high hazard areas within their building -- refer to building maps
  • Ability to control evacuated staff
  • Establish internal communication flow
  • Submit a list of all personnel with disabilities to the EH&S lead contact person
  • Attend periodic coordination meetings/training sessions, as needed
  • Identify dept. personnel with special skills to serve as volunteers (CPR etc...) - present the list to EH&S contact

Copies of Regional/Building Maps

Extra copies of all maps are available through EH&S. Modifications of a specific map should be sent to EH&S.

Please check your floor maps carefully. Although care was taken initially when the resource maps were developed, the original walkthrough of your building and floor by EH&S staff was necessarily brief. It is possible that some important response resources were not identified on your maps (fire extinguishers, alarms...) If items were accidentally omitted from your area, please indicate the needed changes on your floor map and forward to EH&S for updating.

Additional Notes

All UCSD employees are required to attend the Injury and Illness Prevention Program once during employment at UCSD. This is a 90 minute class and the schedule of this class is posted by Email and also on the Safety Bulletin Board on the second floor of EBU I.

Contact Research Assistance Program Specialist for EBU II, Anju Melkani (858) 246-1854

All labs are inspected by Research assistance Program specialist either twice per year or once per year (depending upon lab’s classification). Offices are inspected once per year.

A Safety Information Bulletin Board is located on the second floor of EBU 1 in the 2800 office pod. Monthly editions of EH&S' Safety Briefs and Lab Notes are posted there as well as other safety information.

Last Update 3/14/2018. Send Comments to


Responsibilities - Emergency Contact Personnel


Training Issues - All Personnel

All personnel should be familiar with the following: