Graduate Advising Staff

MAE Graduate Advising Staff.

The MAE advising staff assists students with their programs of study. The staff is most helpful in providing answers to questions of the type: "I need to constitute my exam committee. Can MAE 290A be used towards a degree requirement? How do I submit a Leave of Absence request? I have a hold on my account how do I clear it?" etc. The advising staff is available in EBU2, first floor throughout the year. Your advisors are:


Taylor Nelson, MS Program

EBU 2, Room 181,, (858) 534-7715

TBD, PhD Program

EBU 2, Room 170, TBD, (858) 534-0114

Zachary Dake, Director of Student Affairs 

EBU 2 Room 172,, (858) 534-4065