UCSD's state-of-the-art Nano3 facility includes nanofabrication and semiconductor process equipment as well as microstructural and other characterization facilities. It is a part of Calit2 building at UCSD. In addition to providing essential nanofabrication capabilities for research on electronic and optoelectronic materials and devices, the facility is intended to facilitate the pursuit of research in emerging, interdisciplinary, and rapidly growing fields. Nano3 provides advanced capabilities for fabrication and characterization in a top of the line 1,200 square foot 'class-100' cleanroom. This facility supports three exciting fields of Nanoscience, Nanoengineering and Nanomedicine in UCSD, and the available equipment includes electron beam lithography capability, photolithography/semiconductor processing capability, thin film deposition systems, and high-resolution SEM and other structural characterization facilities. Materials Science graduate students are active users of these facilities which operate on a user fee basis after some basic training. The Nano3 Lab also provides central access for outside researchers from academic, governmental, and industrial institutes for a broad range of equipment and laboratory facilities for micro and nano fabrication.

Qualified UCSD as well as non-UCSD personnel can utilize such capabilities based on user fees. (website: http://nano3.calit2.net/)