Fall 2020

  • Perovskite Neural Trees
  • Transition Waves in Metamaterials with Spatio-temporal Potentials
  • Shi Lab-Laboratory of Optical Bioimaging and Spectroscopy
  • Low-T Battery: Batteries That Can Work In Extreme Temperatures
  • Pseudo Spin Valve Behavior in Colloidally Prepared Nanoparticle Films

Fall 2019

  • Salt Water Flow on Patterned Surfaces for Power Generation
  • Monitoring Subcutaneous Infection in Amputees with Osseointegrated Prostheses
  • Improving Charge Transport by Using Intercalation Structure of Graphene and Quantum Dots Films
  • A Marriage Between Materials Science and Data Science Gives Birth to New Materials for Solar Cells and Light-Emitting Diodes

Fall 2018

  • Full-scale Profiling of Lithium Metal Anode
  • Ultrasmall Fiber Optics That Can Feel and Hear
  • Nanocrystals Emit Light by Efficiently 'Tunneling' Electrons
  • Investigating the Transport Properties of Iron Alloys under High Temperatures and Pressures
  • Controlling Cell Fate Decisions through Molecular Engineering

Fall 2017

  • Fluid Electrodes For Submersible Robotics Based On Dielectric Elastomer Actuators
  • High-Throughput Computational Design of Functional Materials
  • Ultrafast Direct Charge Transfer at Solid Interfaces Revealed by Interface Sensitive Spectroscopy
  • Electronic Metamaterials with Tunable Second-order Optical Nonlinearities
  • Ultra-Low defect density at sub-0.5 nm HfO2/SiGe interfaces via selective oxygen scavenging