Events & Seminars

Gareth Thomas Materials Excellence Award Symposium

This joint UC Berkeley and UC San Diego award honors a pioneer in Materials who contributed to education and research for fifty years, Dr. Gareth Thomas.  For more information, please follow this link.

MATS 200 - Graduate Seminar (0 units)

GOAL: Foster a greater sense of research collaboration, along with social interactions, amongst Materials Science and Engineering students.

MATS 200 course requirements are as follows:

  • MATS 200 will meet every Friday during the academic quarter.  

  • In order to obtain an "S" (Satisfactory) grade: 

    • Each student enrolled in MATS 200 will be required to present for 10-15 minutes on a research topic of their choice, once an academic year

    • Students will be required to send their PowerPoint presentation to Dr. Bandaru at least one hour prior to their presentation. 

    • Students will be required to attend 80% of classes (other student presentations) throughout the year. Attendance will be taken!

  • At the end of each year, three students will be selected by vote as the best speaker(s) and will receive prizes. The best speaker (of the three) will be honored with a plaque and permanent recognition in the MATSE program. 

  • A notice to sign up for your presentation will be emailed via in late Summer/early Fall for the academic year. 


  • MS students must enroll for 3 quarters.
  • PhD students must enroll for 6 quarters.