Marc Meyers

Marc Meyers


Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

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Research Focus

Dynamic behavior of materials subjected to explosions, ballistic impacts, and other high-energy forces, biological materials.

Research Summary

Research Interest

Professor Marc Andre Meyers received his MechanicalEngineer Degree from the Federal University of MinasGerais, Brazil. His M. S. and Ph. D. are from the University of Denver. His principal research activities encompass:

  • Mechanical behavior of materials: grain size effects, twinning.
  • Dynamic behavior of materials: laser shock and isentropic compression, defects at shock fronts, dynamic fracture, adiabatic shear localization, fragmentation, shock induced chemical reactions, explosive welding.
  • Processing of materials: combustion synthesis, shock synthesis and consolidation.

At present, his research focuses primarily on:

  • Structural biological materials: mollusk shells, bird beaks, arthropod exoskeletons.
  • Nanostructured materials: mechanical properties, processing, laser shock compression.


He is a co-founder ( with L. E. Murr ) and co-chair of the EXPLOMET (1980,85,90,95,00) conferences. His administrative positions included serving as the Director and Associate of the Institute for Mechanics and Materials, University of California , San Diego (1993-1997); Associate Director, Center for Explosives Technology Research, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (1983-1988); and as Advisor to the Director, Materials Science Division, U. S. Army Research Office, Durham, NC(1985-1987). He is the author or co-author of approximately 290 publications and three books, two of which have been translated into Chinese: Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Mechanical Metallurgy ( both with K. K. Chawla), and Dynamic Behavior of Materials. He is the coeditor of Mechanics and Materials, among seven other books.For detailed information, publications, classes taught, research laboratories, graduate students and associated activities, see:

Professional Distinctions:

  • Distinguished Materials Scientist/Engineer Award, SMD/TMS, 2003
  • Fellow, ASM International, 1997
  • Humboldt Senior Scientist Award, Germany, 1996
  • B. E. Award, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, 1983
  • Philipson Prize (best student), University of Denver, 1974
  • Best Student Award, Alliance Francaise, 1967.

Representative recent Publications (with coauthors--pdfs in web site):

  • Mechanical Properties of Nanocrystalline Materials , Progress in Materials Science, 4 (2006)427-556.
  • Structure and Mechanical Behavior of a Toucan Beak, Acta mat., 53(2005)5281-5296.
  • Laser and Shock Compression of Copper and Copper-Aluminum Alloys, Intl. J. Impact Eng., 32(2005)473-507.
  • Growth and Structure in Abalone Shell, Matls. Sci. and Eng. A390(2005)27-41.
  • Structural Biological Composites, JOM, July 2006.