Internships/Career Development

  • MAE 197 (Internship)

The Academic Internship Program coordinates work experiences for undergraduates with industry, government offices, and hospitals. Students work under the supervision of either a faculty member or an industrial supervisor. The position may or may not be salaried. Students may receive up to 12 units of academic credit by registering for MAE 197 Engineering Internship and completing a research paper or technical laboratory report on their internship work. The typical student time commitment to the internship is ten hours per week for every four units of academic credit. However, students may not receive upper division technical elective credit for such internships.


Ten Companies Our Student End Up At:

1. Northrop Grumman

2. Boeing

3. SpaceX

4. UTC Aerospace Systems

5. General Atomics

6. Lockheed Martin

7. Space Micro Inc.

8. Sandia National Laboratories

9. Cubic Corporation

10. Green Alternative Systems