Course Offerings

ACADEMIC YEAR: 2018 - 2019

Course offerings and instructors are subject to change. 
Course descriptions and requirements are available in the course catalog.







  MAE 2

  Introduction to Aerospace Engineering


  MAE 3

  Introduction to Engineering Graphics & Design


  MAE 5

  Quantitative Computer Skills

  MAE 7

  Spatial Visualization



  MAE 8

  Matlab Programming for Engineering Analysis

  MAE 11



  MAE 20

  Elements of Materials Science


  MAE 21

  Aerospace Materials Science


  MAE 101A

  Introductory Fluid Mechanics


  MAE 101B

  Advanced Fluid Mechanics


  MAE 101C

  Heat Transfer


  MAE 101D

  Intermediate Heat Transfer


  MAE 104



  MAE 105

  Introduction to Mathematical Physics

  MAE 107

  Computational Methods in Engineering


  MAE 108

  Probability & Statistical Methods for Mechanical Engineering


  MAE 110

  Thermodynamic Systems


  MAE 113

  Fundamentals of Propulsion



  MAE 118

  Introduction to Energy Systems



  MAE 119

  Introduction to Renewable Energy: Solar & Wind



  MAE 120

  Introduction to Nuclear Energy


  MAE 122

  Flow & Transport in the Environment


  MAE 123

  Introduction to Transport in Porous Media



  MAE 124

  Environmental Challenges: Science & Solutions


  MAE 125

  Building Energy Efficiency


  MAE 126A

  Environmental Engineering Laboratory



  MAE 126B

  Environmental Engineering Design


  MAE 127

  Hydraulics & Stormwater Management



  MAE 130A

  Mechanics I: Statics

  MAE 130B

  Mechanics II: Dynamics


  MAE 130C

  Mechanics III: Vibrations


  MAE 131A

  Solid Mechanics I

  MAE 131B

  Fundamentals of Solid Mechanics II


  MAE 140

  Linear Circuits


  MAE 142

  Dynamics & Control of Aerospace Vehicles



  MAE 143A

  Signals & Systems



  MAE 143B

  Linear Control


  MAE 144

  Embedded Control & Robotics


  MAE 145

  Introduction to Robotic Planning & Estimation



  MAE 148

  Introduction to Autonomous Vehicles

  MAE 150

  Computer-Aided Design

  MAE 154

  Product Design & Entrepreneurship



  MAE 155A

  Aerospace Engineering Design I



  MAE 155B

  Aerospace Engineering Design II


  MAE 156A

  Fundamental Principles of Mechanical Design I


  MAE 156B

  Fundamental Principles of Mechanical Design II


  MAE 160

  Mechanical Behavior of Materials



  MAE 170

  Experimental Techniques


  MAE 171A

  Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I



  MAE 175A

  Aerospace Engineering Laboratory I



  MAE 180A

  Spacecraft Guidance I


  MAE 181

  Space Mission Analysis & Design









  MAE 200



  MAE 201

  Mechanics of Fluids


  MAE 202

  Thermal Processes



  MAE 203

  Solid Mechanics & Materials


  MAE 204




  MAE 206

  Energy Systems



  MAE 208

  Mathematics for Engineers


  MAE 209

  Continuum Mechanics Applied to Medicine / Biology








  MAE 205

  Graduate Seminar

  MAE 207

  Topics in Engineering Science
  (See course schedule for details)

  MAE 210A

  Fluid Mechanics I


  MAE 210B

  Fluid Mechanics II



  MAE 210C

  Fluid Mechanics III


  MAE 211

  Introduction to Combustion


  MAE 212

  Introductory Compressible Flow


  MAE 214A

  Introduction to Turbulence & Turbulent Mixing


  MAE 217A

  Introduction to Gas Discharge Plasma Physics


  MAE 217B

  Introduction to Nonmagnetized Hot Plasma Physics



  MAE 217C

  Introduction to Magnetized Hot Plasma Physics


  MAE 218A

  Introduction to High Energy Density Physics (MHD & Pinches)



  MAE 218B

  Introduction to High Energy Density Physics (Laser-Plasma Interactions)


  MAE 220A

  Physics of Gases


  MAE 220B

  Physical Gas Dynamics



  MAE 221A

  Heat Transfer


  MAE 221B

  Mass Transfer



  MAE 224A

  Environmental Fluid Dynamics I


  MAE 225A

  Nanoscale and Microscale Heat Transfer for Energy Conversion Applications I



  MAE 232A

  Finite Element Methods in Solid Mechanics I


  MAE 232B

  Finite Element Methods in Solid Mechanics II



  MAE 232C

  Finite Element Methods in Solid Mechanics III


  MAE 233A

  Fracture Mechanics


  MAE 235

  Computational Techniques in Finite Elements


  MAE 247

  Cooperative Control of Multi-agent Systems


  MAE 251

  Structure and Analysis of Solids


  MAE 254

  Energy Materials & Applications


  MAE 256

  Radiative Transfer for Energy Applications



  MAE 261

  Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics


  MAE 262

  Biological Fluid Mechanics


  MAE 264

  Mechanics & Thermodynamics of Biological Membranes


  MAE 265A

  Electronic and Photonic Properties of Materials


  MAE 266

  Biomaterials & Medical Devices


  MAE 267

  Nanomaterials & Properties


  MAE 271A

  Thermodynamics of Solids


  MAE 271B

  Solid State Diffusion and Reaction Kinetics



  MAE 271C

  Phase Transformations


  MAE 272

  Imperfections in Solids


  MAE 276

  Mechanics of Soft Materials



  MAE 280A

  Linear Systems Theory


  MAE 280B

  Linear Control Design



  MAE 281A

  Nonlinear Systems



  MAE 281B

  Nonlinear Control


  MAE 283A

  Parametric Identification: Theory and Methods


  MAE 285

  Design of Micro/Nanoacoustofluidic Devices



  MAE 288A

  Optimal Control


  MAE 288B

  Optimal Estimation



  MAE 289A

  Mathematical Analysis for Applications


  MAE 289B

  Real Analysis for Applications


  MAE 290A

  Numerical Methods for Linear Algebra & ODE Simulation


  MAE 290B

  Numerical Methods for Differential Equations



  MAE 292

  Computer-Aided Design & Analysis


  MAE 293

  Flow Control



  MAE 294A

  Introduction to Applied Mathematics I


  MAE 294B

  Introduction to Applied Mathematics II



  MAE 294C

  Introduction to Applied Mathematics III