Academic Advising Staff

MAE Undergraduate Advising Staff. The MAE advising staff assists students with their programs of study. The staff is most helpful in providing answers to questions of the type: "When will MAE 101C be offered again? Can MAE 152 be used as a technical elective for mechanical engineering? How do I receive credit for a class I took at a junior college? Will more sections of MAE 03 be opened?" etc. The advising staff are available in EBU2 (first floor) throughout the year. Your advisors are:

Chad Baldwin, Undergraduate Academic Advisor 

EBU 2, room 180,, (858) 534-0114

Nadia Espinoza, Undergraduate Academic Advisor

EBU 2, room 169,, (858) 822-2035

Regina Ready, Intake Advisor

EBU 2, room 182,, (858) 246-2018

Zachary Dake, Director of Student Affairs

EBU 2, room 172,, (858) 534-4065


Professor Robert Bitmead, Undergraduate Affairs Committee Chair