Math Open House

This program brings you free weekly math tutoring from graduate students in the MAE department. It is student-run and aims to connect you with graduate students who can help you improve your math skills.

We will have weekly sessions on Wednesdays 4-5pm and Thursdays 5-6pm until the end of the quarter. All sessions will be held in EBU2 270.

To learn more and stay updated on the program, join the discord server that we have set up:

Please contact Nate Linden at with any questions.


IDEA Learning Center

IDEA Learning Center: Engineering Learning Communities (ELCs) are formal study groups that bring engineering students into a supportive environment to develop confidence, strengthen study skills, and learn the value of collaborative study.


Content Tutoring

Content Tutoring helps undergraduate students advance their own success by offering personalized support with course-specific learning skills and strategies. Students are asked to come prepared with specific questions on course concepts or practice problems. Content tutors will guide students through problem-solving these questions by using tutoring skills that promote independent critical thinking. Content tutors are students who have excelled in relevant coursework and who are well-equipped to foster participation within the session, as well as build community with their students.

We offer tutoring for the following courses:

  • Biology (BICD 100, BILD 1, 2, 3, BIMM 100, BIPN 100)
  • Chemistry (CHEM 6A - C, 40A - B, CHEM 41A & C)
  • Economics (ECON 1, 3)
  • Mathematics (MATH 2, 3C, 4C, 10A - C, 18, 20A - E, 109, 170A)
  • Physics (1A - C, 2A - 2C)
  • Statistics (PSYC 60 & Math 11)

More Info:


Summer Bridge

UC San Diego’s empowering Summer Bridge Program welcomes all incoming first-year students, but we prioritize students who identify as first-generation, or from underserved populations; providing highly personalized connections and opportunities. This five-week, student-centered program works to ensure that each participant experiences a smooth and successful transition from high school to university life.

Exceptional staff and faculty deliver this extraordinary program, which focuses on key social and academic facets of the student experience, including:

  • Acclimating to the academic culture of UC San Diego
  • Discovering UC San Diego’s robust community of support for all students
  • Building a strong network of peers and mentors
  • Easing the exciting transition from high school to college

Students also receive peer and academic support during academic year!