Three MAE Professors Clinch Award for the Advancement of Equitable Learning at UC San Diego

Three professors
June 7, 2024

Associate Teaching Professor Huihui Qi, Assistant Teaching Professor Zahra Sadeghizadeh, and Associate Teaching Professor Jennifer Mullin, all from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UC San Diego, were awarded a grant to continue their work in curriculum assessment and reform for equitable outcomes in MAE courses. 

The proposal is part of a larger campus-wide initiative to advance student success and resolve opportunity gaps through continual curriculum-based assessment. Representing a shift away from student performance as a measure, the program aspires to improve student graduation times with ongoing internal evaluation. The study will investigate both course and program design, with the assessment process including asking questions, collecting evidence, reflecting on the data, and making suggestions for possible improvements.

As a team, Qi, Sadeghizadeh, and Mullin will receive $12,000 to support their research into internal assessment and improvement. Engaging with the larger Assessment Learning Community (ALC) at UC San Diego, the cohort will exercise their expertise to identify any equity gaps within the program and enhance each student’s chance for success.