BS/MS Program

MAE BS/MS Applications are now closed for Fall 2022 Admission (applications were due: 05/16/21)

                         (click here for a link to the MAE BS/MS Application) <-- instructions on how to submit your materials are on the application



Admission to the BS/MS program is for the Fall quarter only

Students must complete and submit the internal department application for the BS/MS program by the program deadline during the Spring quarter of their Junior year.

(MAE Undergraduate Students cannot apply to the BS/MS program in their Senior Year & need to apply for the MAE Graduate Program of their choice through our regular Graduate Admissions process) Applications will be reviewed and decisions will be shared during the Summer term. Students accepted to the program must also complete the Graduate Division application during their Senior year.

  1. Students must complete the MAE department’s internal application. A complete application includes the following:

    • MAE Internal Application Form

    • UCSD Transcript 

    • 3 Recommenders to evaluate you using the MAE BS/MS Recommendation Form  (at least one recommendation must be from an MAE Faculty see application for instructions)

    • Statement of Purpose

  2. If accepted by the department, students will be required to complete the UCSD Graduate Division application online using the same documents that were submitted in the internal applications (i.e., statement of purpose).  The domestic applicant fee is $105, and the international applicant fee is $125. Students will need to provide the following in the online application:

    • UCSD Transcript 

    • Transcripts for all institutions attended after high school

    • Statement of Purpose

    • GRE scores, TOEFL scores & 3 Letters of Recommendation are not currently required


*Please combine all of your application materials into a single PDF document and send them to with a subject line similar to: Student Name (last,first), BS/MS program application. For instructions on submitting the Statement of Purpose and your Letters of Recommendation please open and review the application itself (click here)


The BS/MS program in MAE is a contiguous Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree program for undergraduate students in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at UC San Diego who have maintained a strong academic record in both major and cumulative course work. The program is only open to undergraduate students in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at UC San Diego.

Participation in the program permits students to transition directly to the MAE Master’s program following receipt of an MAE Bachelor’s degree. Students admitted to the program may choose between the Thesis (Plan I) or the Comprehensive Examination (Plan II) tracks to complete the MS degree.  

Interested students must submit an internal application to the Department in Spring quarter of their Junior year.  The Department does not provide funding for MS students, but they are eligible for financial support including campus-wide fellowships and Academic Student Employment positions. 


Undergraduate students in the UCSD Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department who are enrolled in the Bachelor’s program, and who have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above are eligible to apply. Applicants should note that eligibility does not necessarily guarantee acceptance into the program. Once admitted to the BS/MS program, students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA through conferral of the Bachelor’s degree. Students not satisfying these requirements may be re-evaluated for continuation in the program. Students must have completed at least 3 quarters in residence at UCSD.


Students in the contiguous BS/MS program must complete the same requirements as those in the regular MS program. MS program requirements are available on the MAE website. Students must have received their BS degree before they are eligible to enroll as graduate students. Students will not be admitted to the MS program if they do not graduate from the BS program. 


Academic Year

Fall Quarter

Winter Quarter

Spring Quarter

Summer Session


Junior Year


Applications for the BS/MS program due by the end of Week 9.

Admission decisions shared with applicants.

Senior Year*

*last academic year of BS program

Students complete the UCSD Graduate Division application by the application deadline (typically the week before winter break). 

Applicants receive official offers to the program from the UCSD Graduate Division.

Students should ensure they will meet all graduation requirements. We recommend meeting with an MAE undergraduate advisor.

Students must complete the Bachelor’s degree by the end of summer to register as a  Master’s student in the Fall. Final transcripts should also be sent to Graduate Admissions. 

MS Program

(Year 1)

Start Master’s program


For more information please reach out to our Advisors:

Applicant FAQ 

Q: How should I submit my application to MAE once it is complete?
A:*Please combine all of your application materials into a single PDF document and send them to with a subject line similar to: Student Name (last,first), BS/MS program application.  
Q: If I am accepted into the BS/MS Program can I start my MS program before the Fall quarter following my Undergraduate graduation if I finish before Spring quarter? 
A:The MS program is for a Fall quarter start only
Q: Can I enroll in Graduate courses once I am accepted into the BS/MS program in order to start on my MS degree coursework requirements? 
A:Being accepted in the BS/MS program does not confer graduate status until you complete your BS degree so enrollment in any MAE Graduate courses is subject to instructor approval via an EASy request. If your goal is to take these courses and transfer those credits to satisfy required MS coursework you need to make sure these units were not needed to meet your Undergraduate degree requirements (unused elective units) Please see the UCSD Graduate Division resource: Waiving Units for more information.