MAE 205 Information

For those enrolled in the MAE 205 Graduate Seminar course, be advised that our seminars for the 22-23 academic year will largely be under a Hybrid Modality, meaning we intend to have both an in person audience, as well as a Zoom audience. This is ultimately decided by the speaker & hosts and can change depending on their preference, so please ensure to read the seminar ads & reference each seminar page to see the final modality of each event.

If in person, your attendance will be recorded on a physical sign-in sheet; please sign or initial in the box next to your name at the end of the presentation. If you cannot find your name, write it at the end of the list, then sign/initial. Please do NOT forget to sign off on the sheet, otherwise we cannot credit you for attending the seminar.

If on Zoom, your attendance will be recorded via the Zoom meeting attendance list which tracks your username & time spent in the Zoom room. With this in mind, please change your username to your first & last name and attend the seminar for the full duration (60min) to properly receive credit.

Attendance in 6 seminars from any research area series (MAE Only) is required to complete the course.

** MS Students are not required to take MAE 205 but are welcome to enroll, this is only required for PhD Students (see the MAE Doctoral Program Page for more info) who must complete 3 units (1 unit per quarter) of MAE 205 before they are eligible to take their MAE Senate Exam and advance to Doctoral Candidacy** 

Questions about MAE 205 can be sent to: