MAE 197 (Internship)

The Academic Internship Program coordinates work experiences for undergraduates with industry, government offices, and hospitals. Students work under the supervision of either a faculty member or an industrial supervisor. The position may or may not be salaried. Students typically receive 1-4 units of academic credit for a MAE 197 Engineering Internship and by completing a research paper or technical laboratory report on their internship work. Students enrolled thru the UCSD Co-op Program may request up to 12 units of academic credit, in unique situations. The average time commitment for the internship is ten hours per week for every four units of academic credit.

It is the responsibility of the student to approach the faculty member about working together. If the faculty member is available and willing to accept the student, the student must meet with the faculty to discuss a research paper or technical laboratory report on their internship work. The student then must submit a Special Studies request through the EASy portal. After the request is approved by the faculty and MAE department chair, the EASy system will clear the student for the MAE 197 course and notify them by email. Enrollment is not automatic. The student must enroll themself in the course after obtaining clearance. 

For instructions on how to submit a special studies enrollment request, please visit

Note: Students may not receive upper division technical elective credit for internships.


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