Engineering Mechanics Minor

The engineering mechanics minor involves successful completion of seven MAE courses (4 unit courses), including at least five upper-division courses open to students who meet the course prerequisites.

Our courses provide a good introduction to engineering analysis and would be useful to non-engineering majors desiring a background that could be used in professional communication with engineers.

For students who are interested in taking the fundamentals in engineering (FE) exam to become an Engineer-in-Training (EIT) in Mechanical Engineering, the following courses are recommended: MAE 101 A,B,C; MAE 11; MAE 20; MAE 108; MAE 30A,B; MAE 170; MAE 131A; MAE 150.

Note: JSOE students are unable to minor within the School of Engineering.

Note: All courses must be 4-unit courses and must be taken for a letter grade. Students are allowed a maximum of one 'D' letter grade in required courses.

Note: Courses that may not be used towards the minor: MAE 152 (Introduction to Manual and CNC Machining),MAE 197, 198  and MAE 199 (Independent Study)

  • In order to declare the MAE minor, please submit a request through the Major and Minor tool.