Technical Electives

Each major in MAE must complete a certain number of upper-division technical elective units to satisfy graduation requirements. These electives are intended to broaden and enhance professional goals. They must be courses that are quantitative in engineering, mathematical, physical or biological sciences. A complete list of technical electives for each major can be found below, or by visiting the Student Affairs office in the EBU II building.

NOTE: The schedule of TEs varies from year to year. Students are recommended to check the course offerings webpage at the beginning of each academic year to see which TEs will be offered and then plan accordingly.


Preapproved Technical Electives (TE) Lists

Aerospace Engineering (updated November 2021)

Environmental Engineering (updated May 2021)

Environmental Engineering - for students following a catalog from Fall 2013 or earlier

Mechanical Engineering  (updated November 2021)

Engineering Science


- All TEs must be taken for a letter grade. No P/NP grades allowed except in MAE 199.

- MAE 197 cannot be accepted as a TE.

- If you enroll in a course on the pre-approved TE list for your major and it does not show on your degree audit, please notify an MAE undergraduate advisor through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC).